My abstract paintings embody energy, vibrancy, relationships and emotion. It is a style I have developed since I first picked up a paint brush in 2004. My realism/literal drawings are more about capturing a still frame of life.

I have been drawing and creating art as far back as I can remember. My favorite book as a child, was Harold and the Purple Crayon. (Mom did not enjoy the aftermath of that on her walls!) Growing up, I quickly graduated to absorbing books about drawing from the reference section of the library vs. children's section. I haven't looked back since.

I have traveled and lived many places, but home is currently in the great state of Texas. I freelance in design and creative which has manifested itself into Architette Studios. I am the senior graphic designer for a large company based out of south Texas, and also instruct painting classes on the side. I also enjoy studying the awes of astronomy and document some of that here.

Jennifer Bishop
Pratt Institute
Bachelors of Architecture, 2007